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Welcome to Victory Gym & Veterans Health Club of GA


Victory Gym VHC is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) that caters to our nations veterans and first responders. We help them with their struggles that some don't understand. We do this through physical fitness and peer lead PTSD meetings. We also provide them with a safe haven.
The gym was founded by Mike "grunt" Emory, an Army combat veteran. He knows what a struggle civilian life can be once out of the military. My husband, Adam Tibbs is a Marine combat veteran who deals with the same struggles, even after being out for 8 years. 
Our mission is not simple, but straight to the point. First and foremost, we must try to break the stigma of 22 veterans per day committing suicide due to depression & PTSD. We must engage with one another to prevent such horrific tragedies.

Weights at Gym

Our Story

Train with other veterans

Our national headquarters in Michigan has grown tremendously in the past 2 years they've been open, all due to so many dedicated volunteers as well as generous donors.

We moved to Savannah from Michigan to pursue our own chapter. Now we begin our journey. We will be the first chapter of its kind to open here in the Savannah area, but we are in need of your help and support to make this happen.

In order to more forward, we are in need of volunteers that have a passion to help veterans. You can contact Adam or I to get more information about our needs. Just to name a few, we need a grant writer, fundraising assistant, social media manager as well as a website manager.

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